People, planet, plants!
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The 4 pillars of the Floréac identity are:

  • solution orientation
  • innovation
  • passion
  • commitment

We aim for sustainable relationships (based on equality and mutual respect) with customers, suppliers and employees.



  • Operates from a sustainable /  passive building constructed with durable materials:
    • earth tubes for air cooling
    • water efficiencies through rainwater collection in a buffer trench and recovery of irrigation water
    • sanitary waste water treatment by means of a reed bed
    • polycarbonate sheets and climate screens for optimum insulation
    • energy efficient lighting
    • no tap water is used for the toilets
  • Constantly strives for sustainable transport:
    • maximum loading of containers and trucks
    • follow-up of new initiative concerning import by train from Italy (test in spring)
    • the entire transport fleet of main carrier FTO meets the EURO 5 standard
    • all drivers of the main carrier took an eco driving training course
    • the passenger car fleet has the lowest possible CO2 emission
  • Has an MPS certified supply chain
  • Collects all waste fractions separately (e.g. paper, plastic film, trays, green waste etc.)



  • Buys MPS, MPS Florimark and FFP certified products
  • Specifies FFP, MPS Florimark and MPS products at its web shop
  • Integrates its company premises into the landscape
  •  ...

we live plants!

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