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Second Trophée d’Or 2021 now gracing our mantlepiece

Perseverance pays off! Last year saw us win our first Trophée d’Or for best supplier of houseplants and cut flowers. Extra motivation to continue charting the same determined course. A decision that has paid off, because we won again this year. Gold in exactly the same categories: innovation, logistics, and commercial dynamism/communication.

Riding the wave of existing dynamism

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Trophée for a second time. Like the rest of the world, we’ve had a hectic year. So when a jury values our collaboration, innovation and service efforts, we take it as a real compliment. Key Account Manager Guillaume Bianco and Commercial Manager Stefaan Duchi expound on the cornerstones of our business. “The power of social networks is a crucial driver,” Bianco says. “As borders fade, trends spread faster and the gap between urban and rural areas is closed.”

Webshop as core link

Social media are not the only channels we’ve engaged with in recent years. Our webshop is another core instrument for customer support, Bianco explains. “We use our webshop to disseminate the latest trendy ideas, all the way to our points of sale. Our inspiration usually comes from mood boards on Pinterest and Instagram. But our webshop is also an efficient tool from a practical point of view. It accurately calculates delivery times, for example, and allows for communication between producers and customers. These are all steps towards a durable partnership.”

Proximity remains key

At every level – logistics, communication, in-store advice and after-sales service – Floréac’s representatives forge local connections. “We’ve already established four points of sale in France,” Bianco enthuses. “These offer our customers unique presentation tips. Our magazine, which we issue four times a year, also helps customers inspire their own consumers.”

Innovation and sustainability

The bar has remained high throughout 2021. We continue to support our customers’ growth and strive to create successful partnerships with our growers. Making them more resilient in a competitive market is still our biggest concern. The exclusive ‘SILENCE, ça pousse!’ range is a concrete example of innovations we’ve championed. “It allows first-time consumers and experienced plant lovers alike to find something to their taste,” Stefaan Duchi, Commercial Manager at Floréac, explains. 

Sustainable development also remains a priority. We have been investing in this for years. “We encourage our customers to use pots made of recyclable fibres and to avoid disposable plastic. Sustainably grown plants areanother part of the puzzle. And our buildings have been climate-neutral since 2006.”

Optimism ahead of the future

The Trophée d’Or is an additional incentive for us to go the extra mile. Because standing still means going backwards. And that is not an option, given the challenges that lie ahead – like supply being unable to meet demand, long delivery times, and the high costs of products from Asian countries. Duchi takes an optimistic view of these shifts. “We will adapt. And we’ve noted that more and more products are coming from Europe. Still, we need to reorientate and seek out alternatives. If the whole industry changes course and invests, Europe’s economy will take a major step forward.”

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