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How can we help you?

New clients

I am a professional. How can I become a client of the webshop?

Are you interested in becoming a client? That’s great! Please complete this registration form. The more details you provide, the faster we can supply your login details. We will contact you within three working days with your login details.

I am a new client and have registered. Can I start shopping online right away?

Yes, you can. Once you have received your login details, you can order online immediately. Happy shopping!

I’m not a professional. Can I buy plants from the webshop?

No, Floréac is a wholesaler and does not sell directly to consumers. Only professionals working for an independent garden centre, garden centre chain or DIY store can purchase potted house and garden plants via our webshop. 

Logging in

I have forgotten my password. Where can I request it?

Use this ‘Forgot your password?’ link to reset your password.

I can’t log in. Why is that?

Can’t log in? Don’t panic, check this out first:

  • Have you used the correct login and password?
  • Did you enter capital letters correctly? The password is case sensitive but the username is not.

Have you completed all the steps but still not managed to log in? In this case, please contact your account manager.

Transport and delivery information

How are the transport costs calculated?

The transport cost is calculated on the basis of your location, the chosen carrier and the volume delivered. The price displayed for the product on the webshop already shows the total amount, including transport costs.

When is the final deadline for placing an order?

Once you have logged into the webshop, first choose the desired day on which you wish to receive the delivery. This determines the final deadline for confirming your order. This deadline will appear at the top of the home page. Different timing applies to some products, such as products with a longer delivery period. This is always clearly stated for the item in question.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery times depend on various factors, such as your location and the chosen delivery method. In any case, you will receive the delivery within two days of its departure from Floréac. In fact, delivery often takes place the next day.

I have a question about a delivery, collection of empty packaging etc. Who should I contact?

Once you place an order, you will receive an email with all the information and the expected delivery times. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the exact time. This is because different parties are involved throughout the entire process.
Do you have another question or a complaint about the transport? If so, email transport@floreac.com or call +32 9 353 54 13. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Can I pick up my order myself?

No, this is not usually possible. However, we would be happy to work with you to find an alternative solution. Feel free to contact your account manager or the transport department directly at transport@floreac.com or call +32 9 353 54 13.

How can I change my delivery address?

Would you like to change the delivery address for your delivery? If so, please contact your account manager or the transport department directly at transport@floreac.com or call +32 9 353 54 13.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address than the delivery address entered in your system on a one-off basis?

Notify your account manager of this in good time. This will allow us to see what we can do for you.

Use of the webshop

Why do I need to log in first to make online purchases?

This is because only clients with an account can purchase online. After all, we need various details from you before we can give you access. Are you not yet a webshop client and don’t have an account? Please complete the registration form here. We will contact you within 3 working days. 

How do I place an order?

Consult our clear Webshop Manual. This will guide you through the process step by step. If you still have any questions, please contact.

I am not satisfied with my order. Where can I report this?

Not satisfied with your order? We are sorry to hear that. Please let us know what went wrong. That way, we may be able to put things right or at least ensure that it does not happen again in the future. Let us know using this feedback form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am not satisfied with a product

Do you have a complaint about a particular product? Please report this within 24 hours using this feedback form. Send us a clear photo with your feedback. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I find my order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices?

You will find these in the header at the top, under the ‘My Documents’ tab. All the details about your order can be found there.

To see an overview of your orders, click on ‘My Documents’. Then click on ‘Order overview’ in the drop-down menu. You will see the ordered and confirmed quantities for each order line. Would you like to download this overview in Excel? Simply click on the Excel icon to the far right of the order line.

In the drop-down menu, you can also click on ‘My delivery notes’ and ‘My invoices’ for all your recent delivery notes and invoices. Would you like to download these in PDF format? If so, click on the desired file under the ‘Document’ column.

Can I order products for delivery in the longer term?

You can order products up to 6 weeks in advance. How? By selecting the desired delivery date. Please note: your order is only complete once your shopping cart has been 100% confirmed as an order.


Corporate social responsibility

Floréac holds the Florimark Good Trade Practice (GTP) certificate. Like the Florimark TraceCert certificate, it satisfies the requirements relating to the registration of the freshness and storage of purchased plants. In addition, all our products comply with the specified rules with regard to quality, environment and staff. For example, we provide further training for our staff, constantly monitor hygiene and safety, etc.

Any other questions?