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Sustainability as the touchstone of our operations

A better world starts with yourself. So at Floréac, we scrutinise all our processes. Every step we take is measured against sustainability objectives. And we do so both with our own employees and with the entire chain. Because our responsibility extends beyond our own company gates.

Corporate social responsibility woven into Floréac’s DNA

A better world does not stop at fine words. Floréac believes that the power of corporate social responsibility must come from its employees. We regularly open their eyes with inspiring workshops and lectures. The goal? All noses in the same sustainable direction.

FSI 2025

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

Since March 2022, Floréac has been a member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). Together with other partners from the flower and plant sector, we want to commit to a sustainable chain in the coming years. Why? Because as a company we want to shift up not one, but three gears. We want to actively promote initiatives that endorse sustainability objectives. In addition, as a Belgian company we also want to assume our responsibility to make Belgian floriculture futureproof.

Twelve principles for sustainable and responsible collaboration

Floréac subscribes to the floriculture industry’s code of conduct, known as the Code of Conduct. We test our way of dealing and working together against the twelve principles it contains. Because we expect the same from our suppliers, this Code of Conduct is also part of our terms of delivery.

Towards 90% sustainable procurement

The Code of Conduct is a first step towards good working conditions. Not only within Floréac’s walls, but also among employees throughout the chain. Together with FSI, we want to take this one step further. Our ambition? 90% sustainable procurement by 2025. To achieve that, the whole sector needs to get on board. In concrete terms? We will only buy from suppliers who have a crop registration certification (MPS ABC or IDA module) combined with GAP certification. This is the only way for growers to show that they support our objectives.

Packaging: preserve or reduce where possible

Which packaging is redundant? Which ones can be made smaller or from more sustainable materials? These are questions we constantly ask ourselves. Questions about how things can be done more efficiently and sustainably. Not just within our own production process, but throughout the chain.

Peat free

Alternatives to peat

A large number of plants we market are still grown on peat. Peat stores a lot of CO2 and releases it during cultivation. Legislation requires growers to look for alternatives. We are in close contact with growers and retailers to give them a push towards a more sustainable initiative.

Low ecological footprint as a licence to sell

Duurzaamheid meten

The ultimate goal of all these efforts? Reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum. Every single day. The impact of our footprint is therefore the main touchstone in all our decision-making process. But our ambition extends further. The footprint throughout the chain must be reduced. Thanks to FloriPEFCR we can calculate the footprint per plant. Useful when the plant footprint will soon become a licence to sell. We are ready for it.

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