At Floréac, innovation is deeply rooted within the company. Nothing is taken for granted and there is always room for improvement.


First and foremost, it means a passion for plants. But it is also a passion for our profession. What we do, we do well!


Collaboration forms the humus of our group. On our home soil, but above all in sustainable partnerships with our clients, suppliers, transporters, etc.

Our story

At Floréac, we recognise that although you can go far alone, you can go further in a team. Together with our clients and suppliers, we are writing a single story.


Our services

Floréac wishes to make life easier for garden centres and DIY stores. We will work with you to optimise the commercial and logistical tasks or can even take care of them for you. From purchase and distribution to increasing the visibility of plants in your store, we deliver an all-in-one solution that transcends craftsmanship.

Latest news

Erik Boterdaele

A-class cultivation

These are busy days for Erik Boterdaele. Now that the summer is giving way to autumn, summer flowers are passing on the baton to hardy perennials. Anyone who thinks that just means greenery should take a closer look. In particular, the Hebe Addenda will lend a touch of colour to every Indian summer.

Trophée d'or Jardineries Floréac

Second Trophée d’Or 2021 now gracing our mantlepiece

Winners once again! Floréac takes home JardinPlus’ prestigious Trophée d’Or for the second year in a row. Glowing with pride at getting 2021’s highest score for innovation, logistics, and commercial dynamism/communication. We’ve already set our sights on a third win.


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