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SVCO Kalanchoe

Kalanchoes in the spotlight

Kalanchoes are vibrant, easy-care succulents with long-lasting blooms. Perfect for any home or garden, they thrive with minimal water and bright light. Our dedicated breeders, including Dümmen Orange, KP Holland, Lankhaar Kalanchoe, and Queen Genetics, ensure strong, disease-resistant varieties. Discover care tips and the unique features of these stunning plants. Brighten your point of sale with Kalanchoes.

Blok je groen

Study green

Discover ‘Study Green,’ an innovative initiative by Ghent University and HOGENT that transforms traditional study spaces into green oases to enhance student wellbeing. This project, detailed in our latest blog post, reveals the benefits of integrating natural elements into learning environments to reduce stress and promote positive emotions among students.

Pim van der Knaap

KP Holland: from family business to global player

Seventy-five. That’s how many candles will be on KP Holland’s birthday cake next year. Secret of their success? The unique combination of both production and propagation as well as breeding of Kalanchoe, Spathiphyllum and Curcuma. Not to mention their pioneering role when it comes to sustainability. Commercial director Pim van der Knaap gives us a look behind the scenes. 

Floréac magazine n°28

Floréac Magazine issue 28 is out !

Discover the latest issue of Floréac Magazine, featuring insights from a fascinating study by Ghent University on the positive influence of plants on mental well-being, results from our recent customer survey, and innovative themes like ‘The spirit of pink’ and ‘Retrorange’ for enhancing your product presentation and shop design. Also, take a behind-the-scenes look at KP Holland and Sjaak van Schie!

Van Der Starre Climbing plants as lever for greening cities

Climbing plant as lever for greening cities

“Climbing plants: the forgotten solution to the climate problem”. The baseline of climbing plants nursery van der Starre sounds modest. But make no mistake. If it were up to Bart and Teun van der Starre, facades in cities and on businesses would soon be compulsorily coloured green. And rightly so. Together with them, we zoom in on the many-headed advantages of climbing plants.


Beautiful potted roses in the spotlight

At Floréac, we are  sitting pretty. . Our range includes the most magnificent roses. We owe this not only to the passion of breeders, but also to our innovative suppliers. Time to put the pot roses in the spotlight.

Kelly and Sander Raadschelders

Ferns conquer the world

“Ferns should be in a place where you like to be yourself: not too hot and not too humid.” With this statement, Kelly Raadschelders clears up a persistent misunderstanding. Ferns don’t need much moisture and heat at all. Together with her parents and her brother, she preserved the cultivation of ferns. Today, they are the market leader and she gives us a look behind the scenes.

Floréac magazine n°27 : Spring 2024

Floréac magazine n°27 : Spring 2024

Step into the vibrant world of Floréac with Issue 27 of our magazine, Spring 2024. This season, immerse yourself in our latest trends from the rustic allure of ‘Floral Farms’ to the creativity of ‘Coloring Outside the Lines’. We also spotlight some of our most passionate growers, including Van der Starre and Raadschelders, and delve into our exquisite collection of pot roses.


Versatile Helleborus in the spotlight

Christmas roses, winter roses or spring roses.  … Hellebores, popularly known as sneezeweed, devil’s weed and oracle flower. Piece by piece they brighten up the winter. They are super strong, and thanks to innovative breeding, varieties are emerging that do even better. That deserves a review.


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