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Floréac Magazine #19 1-2021 : Here’s to a healthy and colourful year!

When you read our magazine, it might be freezing cold. Or, who knows, an early bird might be singing merrily in the garden. These are strange times. One thing is certain, however: the shops are getting ready for spring. Pine green, oxblood red, silver and gold are making way for fresh shades such as Genuine Pink. Also known as pastel pink, this has been proclaimed the floral trendy colour of 2022

Colours can sometimes say more than words. And if there’s one shade that brings people together, it’s pastel pink. “This trendy colour emphasises that equality is more important than ever, whether we are talking about gender, race, orientation or ideology,” I read on Thursd, the platform that selected the trend. In these polarising times, that says it all. 

By the way, pastel pink goes particularly well with that other trendy colour: Pantone Very Peri, a blue hue with a vibrant violet-red undertone. So get to work with all these fabulous colours! You will find plenty of inspiration in our magazine. Ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and any other special occasions.

Floréac is not only preparing for the change of seasons, a whole new era is dawning. So we are more than a little pleased with the arrival of our new CEO Benoit Strauven.

Taking care of customers is also the common thread for our suppliers in the spotlight. OK Plant provides its customers with total concepts, with the ever-glorious orchid in the leading role. And Van Son & Koot is unveiling a first!

All good news for getting 2022 off to a great start. So put on those Genuine Pink glasses and let’s all raise a glass to a healthy year! 

Stefaan Duchi

Stefaan Duchi

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