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Floréac Magazine #2 2021 : A green vaccine

A green vaccine

The sun is out. Spring gives us hope and summer makes us dream of better times. And those are on their way!  

We’re all looking forward to getting that redeeming vaccine. But you know what? We have all the ingredients we need for an alternative vaccine at home. A green vaccine that brightens up every interior, purifies the air and creates a great atmosphere. 

Our appetite for greenery has only increased in recent months. We all want a house filled with plants and are paying more attention to our garden or terrace these days.

Respond to this, put your green vaccine on display and inspire other partners as well. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in this magazine. From subdued pastel shades to exuberant colour explosions. From minimalist Japandi to urban jungle… This summer, there are no rules and anything goes. Feel free to colour outside the lines.

Just like our supplier in the spotlight, The Mastergrowers. With masterful bravado, they are conquering the world with their unprecedented Hydrangeas. Closer to home, grower Tim Wyckstandt is busy developing his Agapanthus nursery. And successfully so, as he recently won two major Florall awards.

Good vibes, as you can see. So let’s pull out all the stops (and pots) to make the world a brighter place. Deal? 

Happy reading!

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Floréac magazine #2 2021

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