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Floréac magazine #20 2-2022 : Twenty in 2022

We are proud to present the 20th edition of our magazine. And we still haven’t said all there is to say. On the contrary, in fact. We simply wouldn’t have enough ink and paper to reveal all our plans. For example, did you know that Floréac is well on its way to becoming a member of FSI 2025? A new milestone in our history. FSI stands for Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. It was launched by various stakeholders from the floriculture sector who wish to commit to sustainable cultivation. By 2025, 90% of the flowers and plants must be produced sustainably. A vision that we fully endorse. A lot of work is still required to achieve this. You’ll be able to read more about it in edition 21. 

Twenty magazines: that means plenty of interesting suppliers in the spotlight. Each with their own unique approach and range. Forty stories which clearly convey a passion for the trade and love of the environment. The same applies to van der Velden nursery and Horizon Plants, the suppliers who are spotlighted in this twentieth edition. Coincidence, or not? At Horizon, we came across an old acquaintance: Wouter Busschaert. He spent no fewer than 18 years working for Floréac before making the leap to Horizon. 

Twenty magazines, each with an average of eight mood boards. If our maths is right, that means we’ve inspired you 160 times. And this summer we are also presenting a host of original ideas, such as a recipe for herbal salt. To spice things up a little.  

Let’s work together to make it a spicy summer!

Stefaan Duchi

Stefaan Duchi

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