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Floréac Magazine #4 2021 : Thanks Plants !

Thanks Plants. We could just as well have said ‘Thanks Clients’, as we are very grateful for both our plants and our clients. But for once, we are giving the stage to our product: the plants. They take such good care of us, so we should give something back. Put our plants in the spotlight, so to speak.

Thanks plants, for making my house a home. 

Thanks plants, for making me smile every day.

Thanks plants, for brightening up my working day.

Thanks plants, for giving me oxygen and purifying the air around me.

Thanks plants, for making me focus better and keep my boss happy.

We could go on and on… 

Thanks Plants!’ is also the name of the new campaign by the Flower Council of Holland. A campaign that we support wholeheartedly. This year’s focus is on plants in your (home) workplace. A success, because working from home is here to stay. We are spending less time in traffic jams and more time on setting up a productive working environment. And that makes plants your best colleagues. We are noticing this trend in the sales figures, and it is also confirmed by our suppliers in the spotlight: VDA Plant for green houseplants and FlorAmor for azaleas. Because that’s another striking development: colour is back! 

A promising trend for the Christmas holidays, so why not gain inspiration already from the various themes in this magazine?

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We hope you enjoy reading it and, above all, THANKS!

Stefaan Duchi
Commercieel manager

Stefaan Duchi

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