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Floréac magazine #22 4-2022 : side by side

Innovating Horticulture Together. This will remain our slogan for the months ahead, and it feels more relevant than ever. We put a particular emphasis on the word ‘Together’. These are challenging times, and it is extremely difficult to predict what the future will bring. But one thing is certain: we must get through it together. Shoulder to shoulder. You can continue to count on Floréac. We are making every effort to remain your reliable link in the chain, despite the challenges. We are here for you in dialogue, in trust, in partnership

Why am I so certain of this? Because we have stood for fair business, transparent communication, high-quality service and a strong product range for years. We believe that this will continue to make all the difference.
In fact, when we look ahead to the future, we believe that we will come out of this even stronger than before. There are reasons why claim to be ‘innovating horticulture’. In the words of our grower in the spotlight, Joram Kuijenhoven (JK Plant), “The sector is often faced with major challenges. In the past, we have always found an innovative solution.” Ron Fransen of Levoplant also tells an optimistic story in this magazine.

However, the impact of the energy crisis is not the same for everyone. We fully understand that many people are being hit very hard. Business is close to the bone for many of our partners at the moment, or worse still. And this crisis is also leaving its mark on our employees, both mentally and financially. As a result, we are focusing on people more than ever before. We understand and try to help where necessary, so that our partners and colleagues can keep going.

That’s the true meaning of lightening the load. Sharing the same concerns and taking care of each other. Checking that everyone is still with us. Your colleagues in the fields, in the greenhouse, in the office and on the shop floor. Your friends and loved ones at home.

Taking care of each other also means inspiring each other, so we have filled this magazine with tips and positive stories as usual. About working together, shoulder to shoulder, even beyond the walls of the individual organisations.

We’ll be in touch soon,

Benoit Strauven
Benoit Strauven, CEO Floréac

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