Floréac history
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  • 1954: Achiel Floré establishes the Floré horticultural farm in Lochristi, the centre of azalea and begonia cultivation
  • 1964: Achiel Floré's children Etienne, Irène, Marc, Luc and Geert Floré enter the business
  • 1981: The new commercial greenhouses and offices are put into use. The production and trade activities are separated so that Floréac, the trading company, is created.
  • From the 1990s onwards, a third generation of the Floré family enters the business.
  • 2006: the current Floréac commercial building, an advanced 3.2 ha logistic platform, is put into use.
  • 2010: Floréac launches its Inspiration Days
  • 2012: Floréac launches its new corporate identity during the Inspiration Days in August

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