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Strategic collaboration between Floréac (BE) and Royal Lemkes (NL) results in “Plantify Partners Europe”

We are proud to announce that Floréac and Royal Lemkes have taken the initiative to forge a strategic partnership and work together. By combining knowledge and experience as well as economies of scale, we will be able to serve you even better in the trusted manner you have come to expect from us. This partnership will enable us to further enhance our product range and increase the professionalism of our services in all areas.  

Floréac and Royal Lemkes are two healthy family businesses, each possessing a strong and unique identity

A major reason for forging this alliance is that both companies have been important hubs in their respective production regions for a long time. In addition, the two firms are strategically well positioned and possess excellent logistics platforms that enable them to deliver their products reliably throughout Europe. 

Plantify Partners Europe

Plantify Partners Europe (PPE) was established to facilitate this strategic collaboration. With PPE, the two family firms want to create a network of producers and customers that believe in the growing significance of ‘local for local’. We aspire to be leading experts in different international production regions, while working together to accelerate sustainability. This partnership is a first step towards building a network of Plantify Partners in Europe.

Royal Lemkes and Floréac will continue to operate independently and retain their own separate identities and market positions. The two companies have a high degree of complementarity. Thanks to the partnership, they will be able to explore synergies in the supply chain and exchange knowledge in various areas, including sustainability, digital and data and robotisation. Floréac and Royal Lemkes can therefore learn from each other and continue to develop professionally. 

‘together where this adds value, alone where this is better’. 

Cees Van der Meij, Michiel de Haan, Werner Krott en Peter Van Hoye

We would be happy to explain this partnership to you further in a personal meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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