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Versatile Helleborus in the spotlight

‘A rose is a rose.’ … But some roses are different. Think of 

Christmas roses, winter roses or spring roses.  … Hellebores, popularly known as sneezeweed, devil’s weed and oracle flower. Piece by piece they brighten up the winter. They are super strong, and thanks to innovative breeding, varieties are emerging that do even better. That deserves a review.

Christmas rose or Helleborus niger

Perennial from November onwards. As the garden tumbles into hibernation, this winter bloomer peeps out among the perennial greenery. A brilliant white flower bud rises up between dark-flowered leaves. But otherwise it shines in white with a soft yellow heart. Its absolute highlight? The Christmas season. As the centrepiece of sophisticated decorative arrangements, it even outshines Christmas trees. 

Helleborus ViV Viktor
Helleborus ViV Viktor

He also has the last word outside. Rain or wind? It can take a beating, whether potted on the patio or free-standing in the garden. Here, it thrives best in shady spots.

Available through us:

  • Niger from Opplant and Christmas Carol from Hoogeveen: grown from seed
  • Niger Heuger Gold Collection by Kuivenhoven: propagated in vitro and therefore a stronger uniform plant.
  • Verboom Beauty by Verboom: flowers from Advent and is the only Helleborus to bloom in the living room. Plants are usually delivered without leaves so that the flowers stand out even better. The growing process is 2.5 years! And it pays off. After flowering, they can be planted out in the garden. 

Winter rose

Purple, creamy white, raspberry red, soft yellow … the winter rose likes to colour outside the lines. It blooms proudly from November to March. Freezing temperatures or snow do not bother it and even the sun cannot harm it. Why is that? Winter roses originate from crosses between Christmas roses and Helleborus species from Mediterranean flora. The best of both worlds. Another asset? It has no strict soil requirements. Give it plenty of space and it grows luxuriantly.

Helleborus Ice N Roses
Helleborus Ice N Roses

Available through us:

  • Nigercors species: a cross between Corsican sneezewort (Helleborus argutifolius) and Majorcan sneezewort (Helleborus lividus). The white, cream-coloured flowers bloom as early as November.
  • Ice ‘n Roses series: a cross between Christmas, winter and spring roses. The dark red and pink sometimes even bicoloured flowers bloom as early as November.
  • Frostkiss series : is hardy, long-flowering, colourful and has beautiful marbled leaves all year round

Spring rose

Are there still seasons? With a spring rose in the garden, spring starts extra early. Traditionally, the spring rose is a Helleborus orientalis, native to south-eastern Europe. But through clever cross-breeding, some orientalis varieties bloom as early as November/December. Place them in light shade and they pack the garden in different colours

Helleborus ViV Victoria
Helleborus ViV Victoria

Available through us:

  • Orientalis and Orientalis hybrids 
  • Primal species such as Helleborus argutifolium, lividus, foetidus, x sternii  

Lord bright Helleborus: some care tips

Christmas roses, spring roses and winter roses share an important asset. Whether they grow in the garden or in flower pots, they need little attention. With these tips, they will stay healthy and blooming.
Light and location – Winter roses thrive best in semi-shade to shade. Choose a location where they get some protection from the hot midday sun.
Soil – Provide a well-drained, moist soil rich in organic matter. 
Water – Although winter roses are hardy plants, they still need some moisture, especially during dry periods. So water regularly, but avoid moisture accumulation.
Pruning – Cutting away spent flowers is not necessary. For the simple reason that they gradually turn to pink or green. So they remain beautiful. Remove seed pods before they open. 
Pests and diseases -Winter roses are generally resistant to most pests and diseases

Helleborus getting stronger

Helleborus is a stunningly strong plant. Thanks to innovative breeding in labs, new varieties perform even better. Only varieties that score well on, among other things, shelf life, floridity, flowering predictability and resistance make it to the finish line. 

Meet our Belgian suppliers: 

  • Planting: Niger Christmas Carol in various pot sizes 
    • Canteira: 17 cm ViV varieties from Microflor and the Gold Collection including the Ice ‘n Roses series
    • Wilgenbroek: large assortment of orientalis seedlings, single and double-flowered, many special varieties 

Meet our Dutch suppliers

  • Hoogeveen:
    • Christmas Carol in pot 12,14,17,19 cm and lots of added value with Christmas Carol 
    • Argutifolius, Foetidus, Lividus and x sternii : in pot 14 cm 
    • Orientalissen in pot 14 cm
  • Verboom: 
    • ‘Verboom beauty’ collection :
    • Frostkiss series 
  • Kuivenhoven: Known for the Heuger Gold Collection 13, 15 and 19cm 
  • Vd Velden: mainly added value at Helleborus Niger

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