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Beautiful potted roses in the spotlight

At Floréac, we are  sitting pretty. . Our range includes the most magnificent roses. We owe this not only to the passion of breeders, but also to our innovative suppliers. Time to put the pot roses in the spotlight.

Three breeders highlighted

Kordes rozes (Kordana®): deutsche Gründlichkeit and beauty in a pot

This variety, created at the beginning of the nineteenth century, is the result of crossing between a dwarf Chinese rose and a polyanthus (multi-flowered) rose. The cordana rose gained a small growth from the former and an abundance of inflorescences from the latter. The name “Kordana” refers to the name of the grower: Wilhelm Cordes. Kordes Roses in Germany is still the breeder of the Kordana® varieties. 

The Kordana® Series are compact, upright, bushy plants. They are recognisable thanks to their glossy dark green leaves and clusters of lightly scented, double, red, pink, orange, yellow or white flowers.

In the Kordana® roses we distinguish the Classic: small-flowered and the Grande: large-flowered .

Poulsen Roser A/S: surprising varieties from Denmark 

Different collections, different looks. Poulsen Roser is a leading Danish breeder of a wide range of potted roses. Meet the four varieties we distribute.

Party®: a feast for the eyes. These richly flowering miniature roses in 7 cm pots remain beautifully compact. And yet a new flower bud appears every time. The small, dark-green leaves are in perfect proportion to the numerous, beautifully filled roses. The Party roses last a long time and their trendy look makes them a must-have for every rose lover.

With its range of large-flowered pot roses, the Victory® Collection conquers every rose lover. Suitable for 10.5 cm pots and available in a wide variety of colours, including some striking appearances. Indoors, they last a long time as a pot plant or in a larger bowl. 

The potted roses of the PatioHit® Collection shine in the house as well as outdoors or on the balcony. In their 13 cm pots, they immediately catch the eye. The glossy, deep green leaves contrast lushly with the large, brightly coloured flowers. PatioHit® pot roses are persistent. Moreover, they can take a beating. 

The pot roses from the Palace® Collection are distinguished by their majestic posture, their beautiful large double flowers. Ideal as plants for a spacious flower box (17 cm). They last a long time in a sheltered spot in the garden, for example on a terrace. So you can enjoy these rooted ‘bouquets’ for weeks.

Roses Forever
Roses Forever

Roses forever: infinite beauty from Denmark 

Danish breeder Roses forever is best known for Infinity® roses and Forever® roses. 

The Infinity® roses are revolutionary of their kind. They owe their slightly extravagant appearance to their large well-shaped flowers of up to 7 cm in diameter, in white and pink .  Infinity® roses are long-lasting. As much as five weeks or more they last. This is where their thick leaves and stems come into play. These prevent the plant from drying out. The roses thrive indoors and if you plant them between May and September they are hardy. 

Discover our suppliers

Rosa Danica: established name from Denmark

State-of-the-art Rosa Danica was founded in 1987 by Lis and Torben Moth Madsen. Besides potted roses, the horticultural company also grows Campanula and Schlumbergera, all spread over about 110,000 m2. Good for some 6,500,000 pieces a year (divided between the various pot sizes). 90% of them end up abroad. 

The company highly values sustainability. Thus, they are MPS, MPS GAP and MPS GRASP certified. Through focused product development work, they have developed innovative cultivation methods. Here, they use only natural growth promoters and effective micro-organisms, which strengthen the plants’ resistance to diseases and pests. Combined with biological pest control, this contributes to a healthy greenhouse environment.

Rosa Danica’s favourite product? The Kordana® pot rose. Through the now 30-year-long cooperation with German breeder Kordes Rosen, the horticultural company acquired a strong position in the market.

Together, they develop new Kordana® pot roses. After crossing at Kordes Rosen, the product is tested at Rosa Danica. Here, more than 2,000 different Kordana® pot roses are tested annually for their qualities and values. Four to six of these come onto the market as new Kordana® varieties. 

Assorted roses: 

  • Rosa Kordana® Classic 6 cm: year-round – small-flowered pot rose – available by colour and as a mix 
  • Rosa Kordana® Classic 10.5 cm: small-flowered pot rose – available by colour and as a mix 
  • Rosa Kordana® Grande 10.5 cm: large-flowered pot rose – available by colour and as a mix 
  • Rosa Kordana® Grande 12 cm: large-flowered pot rose – April-May – not in our range
  • Rosa Kordana® Grande 15 cm: large-flowered pot rose – April-May – not in our range
  • Rosa Aroma®: January-September – three colours: light pink, cream pink and dark pink (Crimson) – only available in mix colours

Nolina Kwekerijen B.V.: quality from the Netherlands

In picturesque Woubrugge, located in South Holland, an extraordinary family business has flourished since 1966: Nolina Nurseries. What began as a loving craft has grown into a leading nursery, with a total area of 24 hectares, 11 of which are under glass. Driven brothers Marcel and Steef de Lange set the company’s course with passion and dedication.

Nolina is at the forefront, constantly honing quality, service and sustainability. Their goal? To deliver products that not only meet the highest standards, but are also grown and packaged in a responsible and sustainable way. They consciously look ahead. For instance, the installation of LED lighting in the greenhouses is an important step towards an energy-efficient future.

Nolina Party roos
Nolina Party®

Assorted roses: 

  • Party® 7 cm available by colour and in the mix
  • Victory® 10.5 cm available by colour and in the mix
  • PatioHit® 13 cm available by colour and in the mix
  • Palace® 17 cm, available by colour and in the mix – only grown between weeks 14-40

Pligt Professionals -Netherlands

Pligt Professionals, a true family business since the early twentieth century, is committed to energy-efficient cultivation. For instance, the flue gases from the combined heat and power installations are cleaned and used for CO2 dosing in the greenhouses. Water from cultivation is fully recirculated. In addition, residual heat from the CHP is used to heat the greenhouses. Furthermore, the company uses LED lighting as much as possible and much of the peat in the substrates has been replaced by alternatives. With low CO2 emissions as a sustainable result. 

They also keep plastic to a minimum. The proof? Their growing pots are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. In consultation with the customer, they choose sustainable packaging options.

Assorted roses: 

Pligt Professionals grows both roses from Kordes and Roses Forever. For each pot size, they select the best varieties. So they put together a nice assortment of top-quality roses in a nice mix of colours: 

  • Richness® 10.5 cm
  • Majestic® 12 cm
  • Maxima® 14 cm

This is how roses stay beautiful for longer

  • A potted rose likes plenty of light. If temperatures are not too tropical, feel free to give them a spot in the sun. Provided they get plenty of water. In summer, even every day.
  • Make sure the soil does not dry out. The best trick? Pour about three cm of water into the overpot. Wait 15 minutes and then empty it again.
  • About 14 days after purchase, the plant needs more fertiliser. In spring and summer, they will last longer if fertilised once every fortnight. In winter or autumn, it is once every three weeks.
  • Remove spent flowers.
  • Give the potted rose a second life in the garden . How to. When the rose has flowered out inside, cut four cm from the top of the pot and plant it in a light place in the garden. But be careful, it’s best to plant the potted rose between May (after  Ice Saints) and September.
  • The Kordana® pot rose tolerates light frost.   

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