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‘A better world’: sustainability report Floréac

‘A better world starts with yourself’. At Floréac, we take this old folk saying literally. We want to lead by example in the sector. Not because we have to, but because we want to. It drives all our choices. And with this, we would like to inspire others. 

That is why we are compiling our vision, efforts and results in a convenient report. For the first time, we present an up-to-date summary of all the steps we are taking to put sustainability high on the agenda. Not only in our own company, but throughout the chain

What we mean by sustainability? The South African word, persistence, covers it well here. It is our responsibility to ensure that both we and our planet will last for centuries to come. For us, that is the core of sustainable and socially responsible business. A vision we share with Royal Lemkes, our sister company within Plantify Partners Europe.

In this report, you will find out how we translate our sustainability policy into concrete actions. 

  • Measure to know and then improve. All about our MPS certification, affiliation with FSI 2025 and Sedex. And also a look at how we proactively and reactively address our employees’ needs internally.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or how we deal responsibly with our waste streams to reduce our impact on the environment. Part of our CO2 -footprint calculation.
  • Corporate social responsibility. An overview of all our actions with social impact and how to scale up that intrinsic drive. 
  • Look to the future: what goals will drive us in the coming years.
  • Focus and collaboration as the key to a better world.

Help create a better world? Get inspired by our sustainability report

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