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Floréac magazine #21 3-2022 : Uncorking autumn

‘POP!’ Nothing sounds more celebratory than uncorking a champagne bottle, and we’ve had the privilege of hearing that pop a couple of times in recent months. Firstly, Floréac was once again awarded the prestigious Trophée d’Or 2022 from JardinPlus – the third year in a row! Secondly, we have become a member of FSI 2025, which is a turning point in our history. By 2025, 90% of all purchases must be sustainably grown and traded. This is not the easiest target to hit, but one that is necessary for the entire sector. You can read how we are approaching this.

The Trophée d’Or and FSI are closely linked. We won the former thanks to our efforts in various areas, including sustainability – and naturally also thanks to our customers and suppliers.
In this magazine, we once again put another two in the spotlight. Nursery De Waele – Wilwoodii has the most years on the clock, but they are certainly not resting on their laurels. You can read all about their innovative approach.

The Dutch nursery ICHTUS is a little younger but stands out because of its business operations: two crops under one roof. It grows cut flowers and green pot plants. Read all about the advantages and disadvantages of double cultivation.

Themes are a permanent fixture in this magazine. So what stands out for me this autumn? That the understated combines perfectly with frivolous… just as it does in life.

POP! Here’s to a wonderful autumn!

Benoit Strauven
Benoit Strauven, CEO Floréac

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