Trophée d’Or 2020

We have been awarded the Trophée d’Or 2020 for the best supplier of houseplants and cut flowers by the leading French magazine ‘Jardineries’. We achieved the highest scores for three criteria: innovation, logistics and commercial dynamism/communication. But it was mainly the ‘proximity to consumers and shops’ that convinced the jury, which was made up of buyers from major garden centres and chains.

The fact that the company achieved the highest scores for these three criteria did not happen by chance. We have been investing in innovation for years, with a primary focus on efficiency and proximity. “Our success is the result of reliable long-term collaborations with our growers and customers,” explains Wouter Busschaert, Sales Director for France. “Thanks to our knowledge of all European markets, we offer an efficient one-stop-shop solution via the webshop. Each team then customises the ranges to suit each country and customer.”

Responding efficiently to customers’ needs and the latest trends 

The investment in an online platform has led to enormous progress. For us, it now makes little difference whether the customer operates from France or a different European country. From purchase to delivery and all the administrative and logistical steps in between, everything takes place in just a few simple clicks of the mouse. 

“For customers, the webshop’s orientation function is really helpful. It allows them to put together their ranges based on aspects such as size, colour, price and so on. Decorative themes also give customers ideas. For example, Floréac regularly shares mood boards inspired by what’s trending on social media,” says Guillaume Bianco, representative in France.

Close to the customers

Although the platform makes many things possible, the key to success lies in the sustainable collaboration with customers. A dedicated team of sales staff regularly head out on the road. They support customers with expert advice, developing custom ranges for them. Last year, this approach earned them an exclusive partnership with the brand ‘Silence, ça pousse’. 

The future is green

With this award, 2020 looks promising for Floréac. But how do Floréac’s Wouter Busschaert and Guillaume Bianco view the future? “People are buying more houseplants, especially green ones. Over the past three years this demand has increased significantly, even during COVID-19. The range has become more varied, partly as a result of innovative breeding techniques that lead to new varieties, but also because some plant species have now come back into fashion. New, younger customers are discovering our range. Thanks to trendy examples on social media, certainly, but also as a result of tasteful product promotion in stores. When we think about the future, we’re certain that plants will remain vital for creating a good ambience.” 

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