Floréac Magazine #1 2021 : A big leap

2020 2020 was the year of flexibility. We bent over backwards to find solutions to new challenges every day. And together, we did it! One thing is certain: with so much agility around, 2021 will be the year of the big leap.

Facing the future together

Speaking of big leaps: that’s what Floréac and Royal Lemkes have done. We are now joining forces, while respecting each other’s identity and independence. Both parties will reap the benefits of a healthy increase in scale. This includes synergies in the supply chain, as well as the exchange of knowledge in the areas of sustainability, digital & data and robotisation. 

It also marks an international step towards a network of Plantify Partners in Europe. What does that mean for you as a client? Increased professionalism and even better service, while retaining all the strengths of Floréac. 

Leap with an open mind!

We will continue to inspire you in 2021. What stands out in this magazine? Colour, light and a playful touch here and there, not to mention some rather eccentric stick-ins. Check out the kaleidoscopic theme ‘crazy colours’, for example. Throw all the rules overboard and follow your gut feeling. 

And look ahead with an open mind. Just like Karma Plants and Luc Van den Berghe, our suppliers in the spotlight. 

Together, we can continue to make big leaps forward. That’s why we will continue to build on long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers in 2021.  

Let’s work together to make 2021 a year to remember. 

Happy reading!


Commercial Manager


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