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Wouter Busschaert Horizon

Strong Belgian plants keep consumers happy

You have slow food and slow coffee, and you also have growers who opt for a slow cultivation process. Horizon Plants is one of them. What do these slow trends have in common? Quality and craftsmanship, that’s what. The best genetic material as a start for extremely strong Kalanchoes and a wide range of houseplants.  

van Son & Koot

Van Son & Koot brings more biodiversity to your garden

“Yes, it’s a time-consuming hobby,” laughs Sebastiaan van der Heijden, co-owner of Van Son & Koot nursery. With 36 hectares of Japanese maples and other garden plants, this might sound like an understatement. Yet among all these plants, people come first. A heart-warming story, as well as a first!

Desiree & Rob van OK Plant

OK Plant puts orchids in the spotlight

Every year, OK Plant produces over 4,700,000 high-quality orchids and 1,300,000 seasonal products. Numbers that are enough to make you dizzy! Add in the matching decorative pots and trendy home accessories and you have a success story that started back in 1990. 

John van den Akker - VDA Plants

Collaboration in good and bad times

VDA Plant started out 50 years ago as an import and export company for young plant material from Central America and, to a lesser extent, China.
From the outset, the focus was on tropical houseplants such as Areca, Cycas, Dracaena and Yucca. All of which are indispensable in a trendy interior these days.

Floramor Christoph Kris

FlorAmor, half a century of passion for Azaleas

Just three years! That’s how long it took FlorAmor to become the European market leader in the production and marketing of Azaleas. The key to their success? A strong team, a global approach and decades of passion and experience in their DNA. Christoph Stevens and Kris Verhaegen provide an insight into a company that is both young and old at the same time.

Siegfried Bunnik Bromelia Specialist

Pioneering sustainability across generations

Siegfried Bunnik and his colleagues at Bromelia Specialist eat, drink and breathe among Bromelias. Their love for this exotic Latina even extends as far as Costa Rica, the birthplace of this plant. They adopt a piece of jungle there every year.Pioneering sustainability is something we want to know more about! 

Magazine 4 2021

Floréac Magazine #4 2021 : Thanks Plants !

Thanks Plants. We could just as well have said ‘Thanks Clients’, as we are very grateful for both our plants and our clients. But for once, we are giving the stage to our product: the plants. They take such good care of us, so we should give something back. Put our plants in the spotlight, so to speak.


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