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An Vander Aa

An Vander Aa new CEO Floréac 

The appointment of An Vander Aa as the first female CEO of Floréac NV follows the decision of the Supervisory Board and Benoit Strauven to pass on the CEO role. In recent years he shaped, among others, the strategic framework for Floréac’s future direction and he guided the further affiliation with the family-owned group PPE (Plantify Partners Europe). 

Floréac magazine n°26 : Winter 2023

Floréac magazine n°26 : Winter 2023

2023 is rushing towards the finish line at a fast pace and before we realise it, we are all sitting around the Christmas table looking into the New Year.  At this very moment, just a little too early for extensive afterthoughts on the past year.
In that sense, meanwhile, the 26° and winter 2023 edition of Floréac Magazine is before you.

Bush Brothers

Bush Brothers: in search of undiscovered orchids

Is it a trailer for an Indiana Jones movie or the story of a nurseryman? The website of nursery Bush Brothers puts your imagination to work. They call themselves treasure hunters and for this they dive deep into the South African Jungle. Their life’s work. With practised noses, they trace exclusive orchids and green plants. Who are these two brothers and what drives them?

Floréac magazine 25

Magazine Floréac n°25 : Autumn 2023

The change of season brings a new batch of plants, from the showy wig tree to vital Vibernum, ready to conquer autumn. Enjoy this colourful autumn harvest with some autumn classics we have listed for you and give them a stage in your retail outlet.

Also meet the adventurous nursery Bush Brothers, ‘treasure hunters’ who find exclusive orchids and green plants in the South African Jungle.

Freek & Joost Jansen Plantanious

Plantanious Persoon nursery: always one step ahead with smaller CO2 footprint

‘Who does green, meets green’. Plantanious’ vision is short and sweet. By investing heavily in geothermal energy and solar panels, this nursery of green houseplants and seasonal flowers produces completely climate-neutral products. A story they continue today together with nursery Persoon Potplanten. Each with its own identity and structure, but joining forces. Because one n plus one is always more than two. An interview with co-owner Joost Jansen.

Mr Plant Geek

Five plant trends according to Mr Plant Geek

With almost forty-five thousand followers on Instagram, English blogger Mr. Plant Geek is a household name. By his own admission, he has been growing plants since he was five years old. Today, he preaches his plant love through various online channels and is in the Sunday Times top 20 most influential people in the gardening world. Just to say: if there is one person we should be prying into the plant trends from, it is him.

Floréac magazine #24

Magazine Floréac n°24 : Spring 2023

Discover the latest magazine packed with interesting articles.

In this edition, we highlight our Purchasing department. Our product specialists know what is going on in the market and how to offer the right product to the customer. From right numbers to availability, sustainability and risk management, everything is covered. We let our purchasing manager Pieter Van De Velde talk about the importance of strategic cooperation.

Duurzaamheidsrapport Floréac 2023

‘A better world’: sustainability report Floréac

‘A better world starts with yourself’. At Floréac, we take this old folk saying literally. We want to lead by example in the sector. Not because we have to, but because we want to. It drives all our choices. And with this, we would like to inspire others. 


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